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Musical Biography

Born 1972, living in Darmstadt near Frankfurt (a.M.).
At the Age of 11-12 I was fascinated by electronic music of artists like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Moskwa TV, Depeche Mode, Rob Hubbard
and Chris Huelsbeck.
Since I got the first tracker for my C-64 homecomputer I started experimenting with synthetic sounds. Even before i got my first PC, I continued with an Amiga-500 and made my first experiences with sample based music.
Later on i was making Music with Friends on various hardware synthesizers like Roland (707, 303, 101, JX3P), Boss Dr-55 and Bass-Station.
Even before I got my first PC I was working with my own first hardware like a
Roland MC and a Korg Z-1.
Today I only use FL-Studio 11.1.1 and VST-Plugins like Diva, Harmor ABL3
and various good freeware.
I would call my style a mixture of Trance (Hardtrance - Acidtrance),
Progressive Psy, House and Electro.
You can listen to my Music at various Platforms like:



Contact me via Email or Discord if you like!

E-Mail: klangmanipulation (at) gmx.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/jC85Mcn