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Hi, since I am currently more into Synthedit again
I noticed that some of my modules were working properly
with Synthedit 1.1 only.
I decided to take down my older modules and rework them in near future.
Furthermore, I will only support Synthedit 1.1 (32bit) and 1.4 (64bit)
in future because I do not want to check all versions.
But there are also good news.
The PanelSwitch package is already finished.
I checked with Synthedit 1.1 (32) and 1.4 (64)
and VST with FL-Studio-11!
By the way, there are two new packages available too!
Step by step I will also recode the older ones and bring it back...
Additionally new Modules will be fused to larger packages,
like the new ones.
Ok, so..... Happy Modulating!

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